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CCB# 94106




Skeies Jewelers- Eugene Oregon

We are particularly proud of this new store. We worked closely with the owners, designer, and architects to design the jewelry cases that exemplify the look of "simple elegance". After visiting many other jewelry stores throughout the country, the owners knew what they wanted. We produced exactly that. All those who have seen this project have been thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail and overall look of the store. The employees are impressed with the relative functionality of the casework.

Police Station - Bend Oregon

The casework that Advance provided here was designed and built to the exacting standards described by the officers who would be using it. Ranging from a display case, to a reception area, to a fingerprint station with stainless steel countertops and inset monitors, to the SWAT Team's lockers (sorry no photos allowed), all the work had to be done correctly and on a very tight schedule.